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Canada Goose Women’s Mystique Parka outlet

In the search for the warmest coat possible, Gear Reviewer Ana Cassar tested out the Mystique Parka by Canada Goose. It carries Canada Goose’s warmest rating possible – it is built for temperatures -30C / -22F and below – but still boasts a very stylish look! Check out her video to learn about the amazing details built into this extremely warm coat.

Canada Goose Mystique down jacket black for Lady

Canada Goose has a long history in the world of cinema – both in front of and behind the lens. So when an actress shooting in cold conditions challenged us to develop a full-length parka that would also look great when she went out at night, we were happy to respond with the Mystique Parka.


Down is a natural insulator with a high warmth-to-weight ratio. It offers excellent thermal properties, has good lofting characteristics and traps small pockets of air efficiently, which creates a thermal barrier. Higher fill-power down will insulate better than lower fill-power down of the same weight.

Dwr® (Durable Water Repellent)

Durable water repellent treatments protect fabrics from moisture saturation.


Canada Goose’s most proven textile designed to stay dry in extreme conditions and climates where time slows down and moisture is vacant.

Tei 5 (Thermal Experience Index)

Extreme -30 degrees and below. Field Tested for The Coldest Places on Earth.

Made In Canada

This product is proudly manufactured in Canada.